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This unique trike design adds rigidity to an already elegant ride enabling the rider to gain confidence in the trike and also their own ability to once again get back into cycling.

Balance and mobility issues are a thing of the past with the Alpine Electric Explorer Trike. Specifically designed using wide 20" fat tyres on the front and the rear of the trike giving an ultra stable and comfortable ride even on the most uneven of surfaces such as grass, snow or sand. The trike is equally at home on the road or a towpath thanks to the front suspension forks and suspension seat post allowing the rider to make swift progress while all the time staying in complete control and comfort. Adjustable handlebars and seat means that riders of almost any size will find a comfortable riding position on the Explorer. A low step through height of only 36cm or 14" (which is the distance the foot is raised from the ground to get it through the frame) means that this trike can be ridden by almost anyone due to how easy it is to mount. Once on the trike the rider will not have to put their feet on the floor again until they wish to dismount. With an extra powerful front disc brake and double rear disc brakes this superb trike has enough stopping power for any situation. The powerful 250w motor, 5 levels of pedal assist and a throttle allows the rider to tackle steep hills and surfaces which a conventional trike simply would not be able to handle. The explorer trike comes with 2 large baskets one on the front and one on the rear perfect for holding shopping or other items that need to be carried. The rear basket also comes with an insulated waterproof removable bag designed with the convenience of shopping in mind, the bag can easily fit into a supermarket trolley, once filled with shopping it can then be placed straight onto the trike. This trike excels at doing the day to day jobs with ease. Due to the trikes low centre of gravity even the most unbalanced rider will enjoy getting back in the saddle and feel in complete control. The large and simple to use LCD display give the rider information like remaining battery level, speed and mileage and will also operate the bright front and rear lights with the flick of a switch. Mudguards are standard on the explorer so it can be ridden in the wet, this e trike truly delivers a stable supporting ride to even the most nervous riders. 

 With an easy to access and charge vertical battery, integrated lights that are powered by the main battery and a huge ‘simple to use and easy to see’ LCD display screen the trike is packed with quality features and components to make even the hardest trip seem easy.

Five Reasons to Purchase an Alpine Tricycle

  • We are so confident in the quality of our electric trikes we offer an industry leading two year warranty. This includes the battery and charger.
  • The highest specification of all electric trikes sold in the UK. Others may look similar but the Alpine Trikes are unrivalled.
  • We care about our trikes and our customers, all of our trikes are delivered fully assembled in our own vans. No boxes / pallets arriving at your door or taking the trike to a cycle shop for assembly. The driver will also spend up to 90 mins with you adjusting the trike for your ideal riding position as well as teaching you how to ride it and answering any questions you may have. This ensures you can start riding the trike straight away with confidence. The personal touches make the difference.
  • All of our electric trikes adhere to EPAC regulations. This means they are in the same classification as a bicycle and so you can ride them without the need for registration, tax, MOT or vehicle insurance.
  • The tricycles come with all the accessories that you can see on the photographs on the website. This includes any thermal bags, mud guards, lights etc. You won't have to pay extra for additions to the trike.


Maximum power assistance speed

15.5 mph (25 km/h)


15.6ah Long Range Battery 33 miles (54km) 


Backlight, speed, distance, trip distance, level of pedal assist and battery charge level. Front and rear lights are also operated from the display screen


Long Range Battery - 36v 15.6ah Samsung cells can be charged on or off the trike


5 hours from flat. Does not need to be flat to recharge.

Motor/ Power

250w brushless front hub motor (Bafang)
5 levels of pedal assist with throttle
(Note that the throttle can be easily connected / disconnected when required)


Shimano Tourney Derailleur 7 Speed gears with revoshifter twist grip gear selector 


Powerful front Tektro disc brake and a double rear (one on each wheel) Tektro disc brake. 


Front Mozo Suspension Forks with suspension seat post for added ride comfort


Alloy, user weight limit of 150kg (23.5 st). Size Length 183cm (72") X width 82cm (32.3") height 112cm (44") 
Step through height 36cm (14")


20" Front wheel with 20" x 4.0" Kenda tyre for a smooth and stable ride and able to go anywhere.




Front Basket - L 25.5cm W 30cm D 11.5cm
Rear Basket - L 40cm W 50cm D 24cm

Additional Information

The tricycle comes with a motor connector point for ease of removing the front wheel in case of a puncture, waterproof wire harness connectors on the handlebars so electrical components can easily be replaced if damaged, sturdy mudguards, front and rear lights and two extremely large baskets. The trike is also equipped with a break cut off switch which cuts the power to the motor when the brake lever is pulled.
The explorer comes with an insulated waterproof removable bag.

As with all Alpine Electric Bikes and Trikes we only delivery fully assembled, therefore the trike will arrive in pristine condition. See video in the link below to see our fantastic personal customer service.