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The Alpine Electric Easy Trike is the most stable trike available today with the lowest step through height available in the UK at just 20cm or 8". The Easy Trike gives the stability of a mobility scooter while having the advantage of being an electric trike. If you want to regain some fitness, have never ridden a bicycle before or have a need to keep your legs or knees active all at a pace to suit you, then the Alpine Electric Easy Trike could be just what you are looking for. The unique two front wheeled design and the width between the front wheels means that that the Alpine Electric Easy Trike is easier to ride than a conventional trike and gives the rider the confidence to go places where in the past mobility issues would have restricted them in doing so. All Easy Trikes have a single speed gear for pedalling, so you don't have to worry about changing gears. Tackling hills will be a breeze with the 5 levels of pedal assist and the thumb throttle.  The powerful 250w motor will help you to reach your destination by putting in the amount of effort you feel comfortable with.  Whatever shape and size you are, there will always be a comfortable riding position for you.  The seat is height adjustable and comes with a backrest.  The handlebars have a versatile adjustment system ensuring a sit up and beg or a lean forward position can be achieved when riding this trike.  A front basket along with a carrier rack and a set of panniers ensure that shopping or other items can easily be transported using the Easy Trike.  The 10.4ah LG battery will enable the user to travel up to 30 miles on one charge. Powerful all round disc brakes mean the rider can have confidence in being able to control the trike in all situations. If you want a mobility solution to give you the freedom to get outside but don't want to be stuck in a mobility scooter then look no further.  

With an easy to access and charge vertical battery, front and rear lights and a huge ‘simple to use and easy to see’ LCD display screen the trike is packed with quality features and components to make even the hardest trip seem easy.

Five Reasons to Purchase an Alpine Tricycle

  • We are so confident in the quality of our electric trikes we offer an industry leading TWO YEAR WARRANTY. This includes the battery and charger.
  • The highest specification of all electric trikes sold in the UK. Others may look similar but the Alpine Trikes are unrivalled.
  • We care about our trikes and our customers, all of our trikes are delivered fully assembled in our own vans. No boxes / pallets arriving at your door or taking the trike to a cycle shop for assembly. The driver will also spend up to 90 minutes with you adjusting the trike for your ideal riding position as well as teaching you how to ride it and answering any questions you may have. This ensures you can start riding the trike straight away with confidence. The personal touches make the difference.
  • All of our electric trikes adhere to EPAC regulations. This means they are in the same classification as a bicycle and so you can ride them without the need for registration, tax, MOT or vehicle insurance.
  • The tricycles come with all the accessories that you can see on the photographs on the website. This includes any panniers, mud guards, lights etc. You won't have to pay extra for additions to the trike.



Step Through Height

8" or 20cm the lowest step through in the UK for an electric trike

Maximum power assistance speed

15.5 mph (25 km/h)


up to 30 miles (50km) 10.4ah LG battery


Easy to see and use large LCD, backlight, speed, distance, trip distance, level of pedal assist, average speed, maximum speed and battery charge level


36v 10.4ah LG cells can be charged on or off the trike


5 hours from flat. Does not need to be flat to recharge.

Motor/ Power

250w MXUS brushless rear hub motor
5 Levels of pedal assist and a thumb throttle


Single speed so no messing around changing gears


Powerful Tektro disc brakes all around on all three wheels. Brake locks are also on this trike to hold the brakes on when not in use and on a slope


45.5cm (18”) Steel, user weight limit of 150kg (23.6 st). Size Length 143cm width 90cm height 115cm


20" x 2.125 Kenda Tyres

Weight (Including Battery)


Additional Information

The tricycle comes with a motor connector point for ease of removing the rear wheel in case of a puncture, waterproof wire harness connectors on the handlebars so electrical components can easily be replaced if damaged, mudguard on the rear wheel as they are not needed at the front, lights front and rear, a front basket and a rear carrier rack with a set of panniers. The trike is also equipped with a break cut off switch which cuts the power to the motor when the brake lever is pulled.