The Best Folding Electric Bike to use with a Motorhome or Caravan

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The Best Folding Electric Bike to use with a Motorhome or Caravan

When deciding which electric bike to purchase to use whilst staying in your caravan or motor home it is essential that you purchase the correct one. Electric bikes can be a large outlay of money and so choosing the wrong ebike will hit you in the pocket hard. Some of the things you might not consider when first thinking about which bike to choose but when mentioned are obvious to look out for are the folded size of the bike, ease of which the bike can be folded and unfolded, how easy it is to store the bike in transit, brand of battery cells, range of the ebike, how easy the bike can be charged and the reliability of the electric bike.

  • The folded size of the ebike will give you an indication of how easy the bike can be stored in the garage of the motorhome or the boot of you car. The Alpine Compact has a folded size of 85cm x 63cm x 35cm. This is small enough to fit in all motorhome garages and small car boots.
  • All folding bikes are different but some have the edge over others. When using an electric bike with a motorhome or caravan it will be stored in the garage area. A quick fold up and fold down time are essential. The Alpine compact folding electric bike can be folded up and down in under 30 seconds. To see how easy it is to fold see the video below.


  • Unique magnetic clips are used on the Alpine Compact so the bike can be held firmly together during transit of the ebike. This stops the bike from unfolding and hitting other items. It will also keep the paintwork on the bike nice as there will be no scratches caused by it hitting against itself. 
  • Anyone who deals with ebikes on a regular basis will tell you that 95% of problems will be battery related. Therefore possibly more than any other piece of advice it is worth noting that getting a bike with branded battery cells (e.g Samsung or L.G) is essential. The Alpine Compact folding electric bikes have Samsung battery cells so people can rest assured that they have they quality that won't let them down.
  • The range of an ebike is important if like thousands of people with motorhomes you just want to set up once on their holiday and not have to keep securing items to drive the motorhome to a shop or the closest town. The Compact comes with 2 different sizes of battery, 10.4ah Samsung (40 miles) or the 13ah Samsung (50 miles) so you will easily be able to reach you destination on a full charge.
  • Charging access should also be considered. In an ideal world the battery should be able to be charged on or off the bike. This makes charging much easier as the battery can be taken into the motorhome over night for charging. For the Alpine Compact the battery CAN be charged either on or off the bike, taking 5 hours from flat to charge, the battery however doesn't have to be completely flat to charge up so most charges take under an hour.
  • You will need to weigh all things up and look at the over all bike that you are purchasing. Don't be fooled by the looks as a lot of the bikes look similar but none have the quality of Shimano and Samsung components that the Alpine Compact has. Couple this with the reliability and the back up received from Alpine and the Compact is leading the ebike revolution.